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Things to do in Mississauga

Top 10 Things to Do in Mississauga

Experience the captivating attractions of Mississauga. As you enjoy the city’s highlights, remember that Advance Appliance Repair is there to ensure your home appliances run smoothly.

  1. Port Credit

    Delight in the charm of this historic village with its scenic waterfront, boutiques, and eateries. As you relax by the waters, rest easy knowing we’re on top of your appliance needs.

  2. Jack Darling Memorial Park

    A refreshing green space perfect for picnics, walks, and enjoying Lake Ontario’s views. While nature serves its best, we serve the best in appliance repair.

  3. Square One Shopping Centre

    Indulge in retail therapy in one of Canada’s largest shopping centres. Shop till you drop, and let us handle your home appliances.

  4. Art Gallery of Mississauga

    Discover a rich tapestry of contemporary art and cultural exhibits. Dive into creativity, trusting we keep your appliances efficient.

  5. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

    Experience tranquillity in this ecological gem, offering boardwalks and nature trails. As you connect with nature, we connect with your appliance solutions.

  6. Mississauga Central Library

    Embark on literary journeys in this architectural marvel with vast collections. Engage with stories while we write the success story of your appliance repairs.

  7. Benares Historic House

    Step into history with this beautifully preserved 19th-century home. While you time travel, we ensure your modern appliances remain in prime condition.

  8. Playdium

    Unleash your inner gamer at this sprawling entertainment centre. Play with zest, as we play our part in maintaining your appliances.

  9. Mississauga Celebration Square

    Dive into cultural events, concerts, and festivals in this vibrant public space. Celebrate life, knowing your appliances are in expert hands.

  10. Bradley Museum

    Explore Mississauga’s heritage with intriguing exhibits. Relive the past while we cater to your present-day appliance concerns.


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