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About Advance Appliance Repair

Advance Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing quality service in the Greater Toronto Area since 1997 – we know you rely on your home appliances for everyday tasks like cooking food, so when one breaks down it can be devastating. We understand this better than anyone else!

Our company strives every day towards ensuring that not only do all customers get their problems solved quickly with fair prices. But also have a great experience while doing so by being professional from start until finish no matter what type or age device may need fixing.

With Advance Appliance Repair, you can rely on us for fast and affordable appliance repair services. We offer same-day appointments so that our customers have access to quality repairs when they need them most!

In addition, being able to fix any problems with their appliances quickly. And provide friendly customer service in order to make sure everything goes smoothly from start till finish.

If you need assistance with any appliance problem, our team is ready to help. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will do whatever it takes so that each customer feels satisfied after they’ve been serviced by us!

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