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Frequently Asked Questions

Your appliances are vital to your home’s well-being. You should always make sure that these important machines stay clean so they can continue performing their tasks efficiently year after year – even if this means taking care of repairs and maintenance.

$350 is the average cost to repair a refrigerator.

The cost of replacing an old fridge freezer can be extremely expensive, especially if it’s a side-by-side unit. A new one will not only cost more but will come with more technology that is prone to problems sooner. If your fridge is in good shape, fix it!

The cost to fix a refrigerator can range from $500 up to thousands. The same goes for if your seal system has failed. However, not every run-away fridge means that you’ll need to spend this much; some may only require minor repairs which would still come out a lot less than what we suggested.

Older refrigerators were built differently where more quality was put into manufacturing fridges in the past. However, today it’s not the case. If you have an older fridge that you can fix, it will be a smart move to keep it.

While a gas range has the longest life expectancy of most major kitchen appliances, coming in at about 15 years. While some ranges may last you 25+.

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