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Error Codes for Whirlpool Washers

whirlpool washers

Whirlpool washers are a popular choice for households around the world. However, despite their reliability, these machines can experience issues from time to time. One way to troubleshoot these issues is by checking for error codes. These codes provide a clue to the problem with the washer and can be found in the owner’s manual for your specific model. Below is a list of standard error codes, their meanings, and suggested solutions.

Error Codes and Solutions for Whirlpool Washers

Int: Cycle Paused or Cancelled

  • Meaning: The washer takes 20-30 minutes to stop spinning or draining and displays this error code.
  • Solution: Press the pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. If the error persists, unplug the washer and plug it back in after one minute.

LOC: Control Lock Activated

  • Meaning: The control lock feature has been activated on the washer.
  • Solution: Press the Control Lock button. Depending on the type of model, you may need to press and hold the button. For older models, consult the owner’s manual for instructions on how to activate/deactivate the control lock.

RL or F34: Items Detected During Clean Washer Cycle

  • Meaning: The washer has detected items in the drum during the clean washer cycle.
  • Solution: Check the drum for any items, remove them, and restart the clean washer cycle.

Det: Detergent Cartridge Not Detected

  • Meaning: The washer is not detecting a detergent cartridge.
  • Solution: If the detergent amount is for single use, this message can be ignored. Otherwise, ensure that the cartridge is correctly inserted into the drawer and that the drawer is shut securely.

Sud or Sd: Excess of Suds Detected In The Washer

  • Meaning: The washer has detected an excessive amount of suds in the drum.
  • Solution: Use a high-efficiency detergent specifically designed for your type of washer (front-load or top-load). Avoid using liquid chlorine bleach, especially “no splash” or “easy pour” varieties, as their thickening agents can cause suds. Also, check the drainpipe to make sure it is not restricted.

F7 E1: Motor Speed-Sensing Error

  • Meaning: The motor is not receiving the correct speed for the cycle.
  • Solution: Remove any shipping bolts and ensure the washer is not overloaded. Press the pause and cancel buttons twice and then the power button once.

F5 E2: Door Not Locked Properly

  • Meaning: The door on the washer is not closing correctly.
  • Solution: Check for any items blocking the door or for any damage to the door. Ensure a “click” sound is heard when the door is closed. Press on the pause or cancel button twice and then the power button once to clear the code and restart the cycle.

F8 E1 or LO FL: Low Flow of Water Sensed

  • Meaning: The washer needs to receive a sufficient flow of water.
  • Solution: Check that both hot and cold water faucets are fully open. Also, check the fill hoses to ensure they are not kinked. This error may be displayed if the washer is connected to an anti-flood hose. Press on the pause or cancel button twice and the power button once.

F8 E2: Problem With The Dispenser Detected

  • Meaning: The detergent drawer or cartridge is clogged with detergent from previous wash cycles.
  • Solution: Clean the washer dispenser properly.

F9 E1: Longer Drain Time Detected

  • Meaning: The drain time is longer than eight minutes.
  • Solution: Ensure that the drainpipe is the correct size and is not clogged. Excessive suds in the washer can also cause this error.
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Your washing machine may display error codes with a #E or #F prefix. These codes can indicate a severe malfunction and should not be ignored. Be aware of any unusual sounds, excessive tumbling, or prolonged draining. If any of these codes frequently appear on your washer, it is recommended to be professionally diagnosed. This may require the services of a washer repair company, and it’s a good idea to plan for the cost of the repair before it’s needed. Remember that some of these issues may still be covered by warranty. Therefore, check the warranty details of the product before calling a professional.

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