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Top 10 Things to Do in Aurora

Embrace the charm and spirit of Aurora, a city renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural flair. Should you find yourself in need, remember that Advance Appliance Repair is just around the corner to take care of your home comforts.

Aurora Cultural Centre

Immerse yourself in Aurora’s vibrant arts scene at this dynamic venue. While art captures your senses, let us ensure your home appliances work artfully.

Aurora Arboretum

A splendid escape into nature’s embrace, this space is perfect for leisurely walks. As nature rejuvenates your spirit, trust in us to rejuvenate your appliances.

Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

Experience tranquility amidst scenic trails and lush forests. Recharge in nature, while we ensure your appliances are always charged up and ready.

Aurora Historical Society & Hillary House

Take a journey into Aurora’s past, and appreciate the city’s heritage. As history unravels, rest assured that your modern appliances are in safe hands with us.
Town Park
Relax in this serene park setting, perfect for family picnics and gatherings. Cherish the simple moments, knowing we simplify your life with seamless appliance repairs. Aurora Farmers Market and Artisan Fair Discover local produce and handcrafted goods in this lively market. As you savor fresh finds, we serve freshness with perfectly tuned refrigerators and kitchen appliances.

Magna Golf Club

Challenge yourself at this pristine golfing venue. As you perfect your swing, we perfect the performance of your household gadgets.

Wendat Village Public School Trail

Explore Aurora’s natural beauty through these scenic trails. While you journey outdoors, our expert team ensures a smooth journey for all your appliance needs indoors.

Aurora Skate Park

Unleash your adventurous side at this dynamic skate park. As you master tricks, we master the art of impeccable appliance service.

Theatre Aurora

Engage with compelling performances at Aurora’s premier theatre space. As drama unfolds on stage, we ensure there’s none with your appliances at home.

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