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Top 10 Things to Do in Bolton

Experience the charm of Bolton while ensuring your home remains as functional as ever with Advance Appliance Repair.

  1. Albion Hills Conservation Area

    Embrace nature’s charm with hiking, biking, and picnicking. Just as you rejuvenate here, Advance Appliance Repair ensures your appliances are always refreshed.

  2. Bolton Farmers’ Market

    Savor local produce, crafts, and artisanal products. As you enrich your lifestyle, let Advance Appliance Repair enrich the life of your appliances.

  3. Dick’s Dam Park

    Relax by the tranquil waters and green landscapes. And for tranquility at home, trust Advance Appliance Repair for any appliance hiccups.

  4. Caledon Equestrian Park

    Gallop into an equestrian adventure in this top-notch facility. For a smooth ride at home, ensure your appliances are serviced by experts.

  5. Bolton’s Historic Downtown

    Travel through time with historic landmarks. Just as Bolton preserves its history, keep your modern appliances timeless with proper care.

  6. Garden Foods Market

    Shop for organic and gourmet foods. And remember, just as fresh foods boost health, fresh appliance check-ups boost home efficiency.

  7. Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

    Recharge your mind and body with fitness and wellness programs. And keep your home energized with perfectly running appliances.

  8. Bolton Rotary Ribfest

    Indulge in Bolton’s annual culinary delight. After a satisfying meal, come home to satisfying appliance performance.

  9. King’s Riding Golf Club

    Perfect your swing in this picturesque golf course. For a perfect performance at home, never compromise on appliance maintenance.

  10. Caledon Rail Trail

    Embark on a scenic journey on this historic rail trail. As you explore new pathways, let Advance Appliance Repair pave the way for flawless appliance use.

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