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Things to do in King City

Things to Do in King City, Canada

Top 10 Things to Do in King City

Experience the beauty of King City, and for your peace of mind back home, choose Advance Appliance Repair for all your appliance needs.

  1. King City Trail

    Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace by walking or cycling along this scenic trail. While you enjoy the outdoors, we’ve got your indoor appliances covered.

  2. King Township Museum

    Travel back in time and explore the rich history of King City. And as you value the past, trust us to care for your modern day appliances.

  3. Marylake Augustinian Monastery

    Find serenity and historical wonder in this stunning monastery. Let us handle your appliance repairs so you can focus on tranquillity.

  4. Laskay Emporium

    Experience a blast from the past in this 19th-century general store. And for modern conveniences, remember Advance Appliance Repair.

  5. King Brewery

    Quench your thirst with craft beers. As you toast to good times, rest assured your appliances back home are in top shape with our expertise.

  6. King City Public Library

    Dive into a world of knowledge, stories, and community events. Just as you value lifelong learning, we value long-lasting appliance care.

  7. Hogan’s Inn

    Relish sumptuous meals in this iconic local eatery. Let your culinary journey be complemented by our reliable appliance services at home.

  8. Roost Café

    Enjoy a delightful cup of coffee in this cozy cafe. And for a smooth brew at home, trust us to keep your appliances in prime condition.

  9. King’s Riding Golf Club

    Challenge yourself in this picturesque golf course. As you aim for the perfect shot, we aim for perfection in our appliance services.

  10. Happy Valley Forest

    Connect with nature in this significant ecological area. As the forest recharges your spirit, let us recharge and revitalize your home appliances.

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