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Things to do in Kleinburg

Top 10 Things to Do in Kleinburg

Discover the charming attractions of Kleinburg. And while you create memories, let Advance Appliance Repair ensure your home appliances are functioning flawlessly.

  1. McMichael Canadian Art Collection

    Admire Canadian art in this unique woodland setting, reflecting the country’s landscapes, traditions, and culture. As you appreciate fine art, we fine-tune your appliances.

  2. Kortright Centre for Conservation

    Explore the beauty of nature and attend exciting environmental programs. While nature nurtures you, we nurture your home’s appliances.

  3. Kleinburg Village

    Stroll through this historic village, shop at boutiques, and savor gourmet delights. While you enjoy Kleinburg’s elegance, we ensure your appliances operate elegantly too.

  4. The Doctor’s House

    Experience history and charm in this 19th-century home, now a popular event venue. Relish the past while we care for your modern appliances.

  5. Bindertwine Park

    Engage in outdoor activities amidst lush greenery and trails. As you breathe fresh air, breathe easy knowing your appliances are in our care.

  6. Copper Creek Golf Club

    Unwind on this pristine golf course offering breathtaking views. Perfect your game while we perfect your appliance’s performance.

  7. Nashville Conservation Reserve

    Reconnect with nature in this conservation area offering diverse habitats. As you rejuvenate, let us revitalize your appliances.

  8. Ground Burger Bar

    Relish gourmet burgers in this vibrant eatery. Savour every bite, knowing we’re at home ensuring your kitchen appliances are up to par.

  9. Kleinburg Rail Trail

    Experience this scenic trail by foot or bike. As you journey outdoors, trust us to handle your indoor appliance journey towards optimal functionality.

  10. Children’s Forest Gallery

    Let your kids discover art and nature in this interactive space. Nurture their creativity while we look after your household appliances.


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