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Things to do - Newmarket

Things to Do in Newmarket, Canada

Top 10 Things to Do in Newmarket

Explore the vibrancy and charm of Newmarket. And while you’re taking in the city’s treasures, remember that Advance Appliance Repair ensures your appliances are in perfect condition.

  1. Main Street Newmarket

    Stroll down this picturesque historic district, filled with quaint shops, artisan cafes, and seasonal events. As the city keeps its traditions alive, we ensure your appliances stay up and running.

  2. Newmarket Riverwalk Commons

    An urban park in the heart of the city offering a splash pad, outdoor skating rink, and a myriad of community events. Enjoy all it has to offer, while we cater to your appliance needs.

  3. Fairy Lake Park

    A serene haven offering paddle boat rentals, picturesque walking trails, and bird-watching opportunities. Relax in its natural beauty and let us worry about your appliance upkeep.

  4. Elman W. Campbell Museum

    Delve into Newmarket’s rich history through captivating exhibits in this community museum. Journey through time while we handle your present-day appliance concerns.

  5. Upper Canada Mall

    Experience premier shopping in one of the area’s top retail destinations. Shop, dine, and explore, knowing your home appliances are taken care of.

  6. Newmarket Theatre

    Witness stellar performances ranging from plays, concerts, to dance recitals in this modern venue. Immerse in the arts, while we provide top-notch appliance services.

  7. Wesley Brooks Memorial Conservation Area

    Reconnect with nature through scenic trails, fishing spots, and picnicking areas. Embrace the outdoors and trust in our expertise to maintain your appliances.

  8. Market Brewing Company

    Sample craft beers in this lively local brewery. As you raise a toast, we pledge excellence in appliance repair.

  9. Stardust Drive-in Theatre

    Enjoy movies under the stars in this classic drive-in setting. Indulge in nostalgia while we ensure your modern appliances are in prime condition.

  10. Tom Taylor Trail

    Embark on a rejuvenating walk or cycle through wetlands, forests, and residential areas. As you explore, be assured of our dedication to your appliance needs.

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