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Things to do - Scarborough

Things to Do in Scarborough, Canada

Top 10 Things to Do in Scarborough

Scarborough, with its coastal charm and urban vibrancy, offers a diverse array of activities. While indulging in the city’s attractions, remember that Advance Appliance Repair is always on hand to cater to your appliance needs.

  1. Scarborough Bluffs

    Gaze upon the stunning views of Lake Ontario from the majestic Scarborough Bluffs. Embrace the heights, knowing we keep your home appliances grounded and efficient.

  2. Toronto Zoo

    Meet fascinating animals from around the world at Canada’s premier zoo. As you witness nature’s wonders, trust us to keep your appliances running smoothly.

  3. Rouge National Urban Park

    Experience Canada’s rich biodiversity in this expansive urban park. While nature does its magic outside, we ensure magic inside with optimal appliance performance.

  4. Scarborough Town Centre

    Shop, dine, and explore at Scarborough’s premier shopping destination. Bag some delights, and let us handle any appliance challenges back home.

  5. Guild Park and Gardens

    Stroll through historical sculptures and beautiful gardens, capturing the essence of art and nature. Admire the artistry, and rely on our craftsmanship for appliance repairs.

  6. Thomson Memorial Park

    Relax in this lush, green space, ideal for picnics and family outings. Bask in outdoor tranquility, knowing we ensure tranquility indoors with flawless appliances.

  7. Scarborough Museum

    Delve into the rich history of Scarborough through engaging exhibits. Immerse in the past, trusting the present and future of your home appliances to us.

  8. Milliken Park

    Enjoy recreational activities, from fishing to hiking, in this community-centric park. Embark on adventures, while we guard the adventure of home comfort with impeccable appliance care.

  9. Scarborough Agincourt Pool

    Dive into fun and fitness at this popular community pool. Make a splash, and let us ensure no splashes or glitches with your home appliances.

  10. Port Union Waterfront Park

    Relish the scenic views, biking paths, and peaceful ambiance of this lakeside park. As waves lap the shores, we’re on standby to address any waves of appliance concerns.

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