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Things to do - Toronto

Top 10 Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto, a dynamic metropolis, is teeming with unending adventures. As you explore the city’s wonders, know that Advance Appliance Repair in North York is here to assist with any appliance needs.

  1. CN Tower

    Marvel at Toronto’s skyline from the iconic CN Tower. Just as the tower stands tall, count on us to elevate the standards of your appliance repairs.

  2. Royal Ontario Museum

    Delve into global culture and natural history. As you discover the past, trust our team to future-proof your appliances.

  3. Toronto Islands

    Escape the city hustle and relax on these serene islands. As you unwind, be assured that we’re always wound up to address your appliance concerns.

  4. Distillery District

    Experience Victorian architecture and unique eateries. Let the history charm you while we remain committed to modernizing your home appliance experience.

  5. Art Gallery of Ontario

    Admire a vast collection of artworks, from indigenous art to masterpieces by world-renowned artists. As art enhances your life, we enhance your living with top-tier appliance solutions.

  6. St. Lawrence Market

    Shop for gourmet treats and artisanal products in this historic marketplace. While you pick the finest, know that we offer only the finest in appliance repairs.

  7. High Park

    Revel in nature, wildlife, and recreational activities in Toronto’s largest public park. As you bask in nature’s beauty, rely on us to maintain your household’s harmony.

  8. Toronto Zoo

    Meet diverse species at this expansive zoo. While you cherish wildlife wonders, we cherish the trust you place in our appliance services.

  9. Casa Loma

    Explore Canada’s majestic castle and its enchanting gardens. As the castle stands as a testament to grandeur, we stand by our promise of unparalleled appliance care.

  10. Bata Shoe Museum

    Unravel the history of footwear at this unique museum. As you walk through time, trust us to ensure your home runs smoothly, step by step.


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